A demo of FLOW on multiple devices.
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A workflow system built for student media programs, FLOW helps you manage the chaos of running a journalism program.


We know that overseeing a journalism program involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why we created FLOW, an all-in-one virtual newsroom management system designed to help you manage the chaos. With fully customizable assignment types and workflows, and built-in communication tools through chat and phone notifications, FLOW enables you and your staff to collaborate, plan and execute online.


Your FLOW account comes connected to Google Docs and your SNO website for the best, collaborative writing and editing experience and easy publishing as soon as your content is ready.


Every newsroom runs a little differently. Customize your FLOW account to fit your publication perfectly. Add unlimited users and publications for a more collaborative experience. Setup unique assignment types and workflows to streamline your system.


Keep everyone connected and in the loop by setting up your users to received email notifications when an assignment demands their attention. With FLOW’s free companion mobile app, your staff can work from their phones, or at least be notified when they’re needed.


With in-assignment tasks, notes and live chat, you can communicate your expectations and feedback to your reporters clearly. With group channels and direct messages, create a space within FLOW open to larger conversations.


Grade your reporters’ work when it’s time and collect those scores in your FLOW grade book. Customize the setup by editing your scoring system and grading periods.

“We moved to SNO’s FLOW this year. It’s designed for newspaper, but we just made a 302- page yearbook with it instead. You can customize many areas, save your photos for your pages and the ready to go google doc attached to each page kept it easy to share information with no one needing to remember to “share” anything. It worked great for yearbook and we won’t make a book without it again. Adding it for my newspaper staff this year. LOVE it.” —Becky Tate, Shawnee Mission North High School

“FLOW is their workflow production website. Sure, you could fiddle with google sheets and do things somewhere else, but this makes it where the students can actually manage themselves, and it keeps everything so insanely organized, it’s hard for students to say they didn’t know. It becomes habit for them to come in to class, log into their FLOW, and see what they should be working on (either for the day or what’s due ahead for them). It’s part of the routine now. And the student managers can load the assignments into Flow. It’s now gotten where unless an assignment is added in there for them, they want to make sure it’s something that actually needs to get done. So our accountability is through the roof with this. I manage a multi-media operation where we dive into video production, article writing, podcasting, creative writing, TV Shows etc… on our site. FLOW allows me to manage that easily with assignments tasks and checklists.” —Jessica Roberts, Arlington High School